Rihanna Drops Chaotic Paris Visual For ‘Goodnight Gotham’

Before Rihanna dropped her eight studio album Anti to the navy and tons of anxious ears; there were a few rumors on what the record would sound like. One rumor that had me excited to hear the new era of Rihanna was Florence and the Machine’s “Only If For A Night” being an interpolation for “Goodnight Gotham”. Imagining that beautiful, dark melody from Florence Welch somehow being combined with Ri’s wild persona seemed like pop music heaven but dreams are meant to be crushed. “Goodnight Gotham” ended up being 1:28 and while I love what Kuk Harrell and Mitus did with the dark masterpiece, I always feel like it could’ve been something more. 

Disappointed feelings aside, I can’t ignore a new visual from the Barbados superstar so when Tidal notified me on a video for “Goodnight Gotham” I had to check it out. The minute long visual shows a chaotic meetup between Rihanna and her #navy. The energy in the video is powerful and can easily be felt while watching a group of young fans lose their minds in front of the Eiffel Tower late at night. The visual definitely matches the insane vibe of “Goodnight Gotham” and while I still wish the song was longer, I love the moment captured for this visual. 

What do you think of “Goodnight Gotham”? Let me know in the comments! 

Buy/Stream Anti Here: 

iTunes: HERE

Tidal: HERE

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Spotify: HERE

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