JoJo Is All Out Of F*cks On New Single 

JoJo really knows how to release a scathing breakup song. From classic teenage kiss offs like “Leave (Get Out)” and “Too Little Too Late” to the mid-tempo pop rock ballad “Diaster” released in 2011, with age comes more insight that people are horrible, relationships aren’t easy and sometimes breaks up deserve to be commemorated in the form of a hit anthem. Now that the underrated singer is 25 I think it’s time she made a new record for scorn lovers ready to move on and “Fuck Aplogies” is the perfect update. 

“Fuck Apologies” is a slow burning kiss off to a guy that isn’t getting a sorry anytime soon. “Fuck apologies / I would say I’m sorry if I really meant it,” JoJo declares on the honest chorus. It’s no secret that The High Road songstress has an amazing voice so a powerhouse performance wasn’t necessary for this comeback single to be satisfying. “Fuck Apologies” sounds like JoJo at her current state, singing what’s on her mind. This isn’t an incarnation of the artist copying her old style or an artist thirsty to jump on whatever trend will land her a #1. 

Having a solid verse from Wiz Khalifa doesn’t hurt and the call out feel of the chorus adds to the replay value of the single. “Fuck Aplogies” is a strong introduction for this new JoJo era and with years to perfect this third album, I’m sure the music will continue to get better from here. So as JoJo ventures off to the 727 Tour opening for Fifth Harmony, I hope her fanbase continues to grow and she lands her well deserved win when her EP or album drops later this year. 

UPDATE: Third album Mad Love dropping October 14th! 

What do you think of JoJo’s new single “Fuck Apologies”? Let me know in the comments!

Buy/Stream “Fuck Apologies” Here: 

iTunes: HERE

Apple Music: HERE

Tidal: HERE

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