Snakehips + Zayn Connect For Undeniable Dance Record 

Whether you’re seeing society’s fallout from the news or reading your friends debate #BlackLivesMatter vs #AllLivesMatter on Facebook, it can be frustrating taking everything in. Music is always a great escape and Snakehips latest single can make you dance and even think think if you focus on the lyrics long enough. Zayn starts “Cruel” off singing about his beautiful distraction from this mad world on the soulful dance track, “Cab radio screaming / Noise and tears / Death on the TV / And then there’s you / It’s fucked, it’s crazy / I can’t concentrate / I just see your outline… / Mhmm.” 

“Cruel” like Snakehips previous singles including “Money On Me” and my favorite last call anthem “All My Friends” seamlessly blends vivid lyrics with excellent production. The electronic music duo is easily becoming one of my favorite groups to watch so I hope a full length album isn’t far away. It isn’t difficult creating a song that makes people want to slut drop on the dancefloor but when you can do that while capturing that feeling of being hopeless and alone while pounding music plays on a Friday night, the magic of music comes out. I spend so much time listening, writing and thinking about music because the power it has. It can motivate, capture emotion, make you dance and everything in between. 

Artists like Snakehips, FKA Twigs, Kanye West and so many others that are creating honest music from the heart are the reason why I believe good music isn’t dead and I eye roll when I hear comments about music being better in the past. EVERY decade has its iconic and regrettable artists that have left us with timeless records and fads of the past. If you don’t like what’s dominating the charts, start searching beyond Billboard lists and whatever is trending on the radio. Saying there is not good music being made on this vast planet is like a kid in 2016 complaining that they have nothing to do when they have iPhones, hands and imaginations readily available to help them do anything they can think of. Don’t sleep on things just because they aren’t easy to find…

Alright music post that turned into rant over! 

What do you think of Snakehip’s latest single featuring Zayn? Let me know in the comments! 

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