Troye Sivan and Alessia Cara Continue to Drive Me ‘WILD’ With Their New Visual

Troye Sivan knows how to create a visual that makes you want to weap for your lost youth and desire to look like you stepped out of a Paper Magazine. When the Australian heartthrob dropped the remix to “WILD” I couldn’t see how he could top himself. All it took was hearing Alessia Cara’s passonate voice over one of my favorite tracks from Blue Neighborhood to gain an even deeper love for the song on forbidden love.

The new visual featuring Cara and a group of YOUTHful lovers capture the young love feel of the song. What else can I say about the carefree visual? It’s refreshing to see young couples embracing who they are while actually looking their age. The phase of wanting to look older than what you are isn’t new but with the surge of contouring and always needing to look model ready for social media, the Internet sometimes makes it seem like you need to be flawless to be desired. All of the filters and makeup in the world can help you bypass that awkward, ugly duckling stage of youth on the outside but Cara and Sivan’s songs are so relatable because dealing with life isn’t always easy or perfect especially during those teenage years. 

I love that both of these artists are using their music to not only showcase quality pop music but also show important elements of growing up. Dealing with sexuality and insecurity issues continues to be shown more in the popular media and I hope that helps the wave of younger audiences see the importance of being true to yourself and living your most authentic life. While this video may seem like a bunch of beautiful, young people looking perfect under a filtered haze; the popularity of these artists shows that the world and what should be considered as normal is slowly evolving. Its awesome to see a young artist in the LGBT community be slowly embraced and praised by the mainstream media and I hope this representation inspires others to live their most honest life. 

“WILD” is a beautiful video and I’m going to continue to watch how these two artists impact the pop world. 

What do you think of the “WILD Remix” visual? Let me know in the comments! 

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