Fergie Drops Banger For Independent M.I.L.F.S 


Fergie has officially took the honor of being a M.I.L.F and she wants you to know she also has the assets to back the title up. Today the Dutchess dropped her official single after setting the scene for the forward-thinking Double Dutchess era with two video teasers a couple weeks ago. “M.I.L.F $” is the name of the anthem for attractive older women with dough and the banger leaves nothing to be desired in the less than three minute track. The catchy rapping Fergie Ferg is back in full force with “M.I.L.F $” as she raps through the trends of being on fleek and working for her dollars.  

At first listen it was overwhelming trying to grasp the pro M.I.L.F. banger. Fergie sounds dope on the track but when you take a second to process the lyrics, it seems like the writers were trying to see how many quote worthy lines they could pack into the short track. Who cares about the content when the beat is hot, right? While I appreciate the nod to Webbie’s “Independent” (Classic), it’s going to take a couple more tracks before I get truly excited for the “Glamourous” singer. Maybe a full version of “Hungry” will do the trick? After 10 years I’m sure people are expecting greatness from the Double Dutchess


What do you think of “M.I.L.F. $”? Does Fergie have a smash on her hands? 

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