Demi Lovato Sets the Mood on “Body Say” 

When Demi Lovato dropped her fifth album Confident after the success of “Cool For The Summer” and “Confident” I had high hopes for an album full of satisfying bangers and a few tracks to showcase Lovato’s flawless voice. While I heard more of the latter on the album about the pop star’s evolution, it was a solid offering that showed a glimpse (“Stone Cold”, “For You”) of what was to come on the next album that might be dropping sooner than expected. Even though Demi is hard at work performing in stadiums worldwide with Nick Jonas on The Future Now Tour, the vocal powerhouse isn’t missing out on an opportunity to give her Lovatics some new music and maybe land another hit on the charts. 

“Body Say” dropped at midnight and it’s a grown and sexy, R&B, minimal vibe. The lyrics are mature without being vulgar and Lovato sounds great as she adds passion to the track without over doing it. With an intro like “If I had it my way/ I would take you down / If I had it my way / I would turn you out.” Lovato isn’t playing any games and I’m invested. If Demi has more songs like this in her arsenal for the sixth album, I’m definitely on board. “Body Say” is an obvious jam and I wouldn’t be suprised if I heard it on the radio soon.

Are you feeling “Body Say”? Let me know in the comments! 

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