Electropop Group Terror Jr Drops 4th Amazing Single ‘Say So’

If you aren’t thankful for some of Kylie Jenner’s contributions to the world (lip kits, colored wigs and lip syncing snapchats) one listen to the new group Terror Jr might have you shouting your love for the Jenner mogul from the rooftops. Let’s go back a few months to March when Kylie released a music video commercial to promote her lucrative glosses line. Aside from the polished robbery scene from Jenner and her gloss girls in the background an infectious chilly pop banger blasted in the background with viewers questioning who was the mystery singer? Was Kylie adding pop star to her resume? Terror Jr finally came out of the shadows to take credit for the pop goodness and they haven’t let up from dropping potential smashes on their soundcloud account.

The details about Terror Jr are very scarce and there’s something cool about a group leaving some mystery and letting the music speak for itself. Felix Snow and Campa have been cited as producers for the group while the mysterious singer named Lisa has yet to actually show her face to the world. Scrolling through their twitter, it’s apparent that the group isn’t looking for fame but if they happen to go public I wouldn’t be surprised if the mainstream started showing them some love.

Starting off with “3 Strikes”, Terror Jr’s singles are full of elaborate, electronic production while Lisa’s gentle voice effortlessly coos on low key records like “Trippin” or match the upbeat island vibe of their latest single “Say So”. The group isn’t focused on complex lyrics or creating the ballad of the decade, but I think they want to inject some always needed creative energy to the music scene.


I don’t know what Terror Jr has on the horizon. Whether it be an EP or full length album I’ll definitely be looking out for whatever comes next for the promising act. I love this wave of pop artists (Allie X, Purity Ring, Kali Uchis, Jon Bellion to name a few…) that are straying away from formulaic pop smashes to bring something new to the table so it’ll be interesting to see how Terror Jr will contribute to the pop wave.


What do you think of Terror Jr? Let me know in the comments!

“We used to drink it out the bottle / Playing in the snow like it’s Colorado / I ain’t a model, you ain’t no GQ / I guess we hit the fuckin’ lotto.”


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