Kanye West’s Latest Track ‘Saint Pablo’ Is On Repeat 

Kanye West’s latest body of work The Life of Pablo went missing on its original home Tidal yesterday to be improved (remember it’s #contemporaryart) and it’s back with a new track.


“Saint Pablo” has Ye pulling back the curtain once again to let us know it isn’t easy being Yeezy or this generation’s Einstein incarnation (his words not mine) over a classic Jay Z “Where I’m From” sampled beat. I have a lot of love for West when he’s at his most honest place and “Saint Pablo” is a great example of where his honesty can take him. There are so many quote worthy lines in this brooding track but the second verse really stood out with Ye talking about his loyalty to Hov and the Throne

“Told Tim Cook to call me / I was scary to see / I would’ve took a hundred million and gave twenty to Hov / I heard it’s the way they did it when we only had the stove / But it’s better that I stayed at home with my folks / Cause if Jay a billionaire then I’m a never go broke!”

Sampha sounds perfect on the calm hook, re-enforcing my love for Kanye when it’s just him, minimal production and his truth (“Real Friends”, “Wolves”, “Homecoming”, “Diamonds From Sierra Leone”, I could keep going…). Ye revealed he’s working on another album titled Tutbo Grafx 16 tentatively dropping this summer and I’m hoping to hear more tracks like “Saint Pablo” on the record. It seems like West is supplying the “Old Kanye” that everyone can’t help but love. 


Are you feeling Ye’s latest track “Saint Pablo”? Let me know in the comments! 

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