OTW Playlist: June 2016

It’s been three time consuming weeks since I’ve posted my love for a new song or my daily struggle with existing. Since I don’t have a strong excuse to explain my absence; let’s skip my go to long winded introduction and get to what you should check out this month!

Nothing Is Promised – Mike Will Made It & Rihanna

Is it possible for Rihanna to take an L? The idea of Rih losing seems unlikely and “Nothing Is Promised” sounds like an anthem dedicated to the pop record breaker’s opulent lifestyle and love for money. I think “Pour It Up” has been Rihanna’s sole attempt at rapping but this short supply of fire has me interested in hearing more bars, especially if Mike Will Made It is delivering the beat.

“Ain’t none of this shit certain, ain’t none of this certain / Ain’t none of us perfect, I hope it was worth it.”

Yamborghini High – A$AP Mob & Juicy J

Imagine Cam’ron wearing his classic pink fur coat, the vibe of the early 2000s rap scene and racing Lamborghinis and you’ve got the visual for A$AP Mob’s latest single. I was drawn to the banger after hearing A$AP Rocky on the hook and the overall addictive flow of each verse but the video has me hooked. I can admit I fell off listening to the rap collective but “Yamborghini High” has me ready to check out what I missed.

You & Me – Marc E. Bassy & G-Eazy

My love for Marc E. Bassy’s music started back in 2010 when he was creating catchy pop music with his underrated group 2AM Club and since then the consistent release of amazing music hasn’t stopped. If you’re unfamiliar with Bassy’s soulful voice and quality lyrics, I’d recommend starting at his mixtape Only The Poets and continuing on from there but “You & Me” is the perfect representation of why more people need to be listening to this talented artist.

Only Girl – Kali Uchis, Steve Lacy & Vince Staples

Kali Uchis voice, style and vibe might make you think you’ve stepped back into the 70s but the Colombian-American singer is refreshing compared to other mainstream hitmakers chasing trends. Blogs and taste makers have already praised Uchis for her exceptional debut album Por Vida and I hope more people give her some love but “Only Girl” has easily become one of my favorite songs of the moment. Kali Uchis and Steve Lacy’s soothing vocals compliment the chill production of the song. While Vince Staples supplies a nice verse at the end. Uchis music videos are the best way to completely understand the direction she’s going for and her latest visual is like being inside of a stoned 70s love child’s day dreams.


What’s on your playlist for June? Let me know in the comments!

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