Pia Mia Drops More Fire With “Justin Bieber” + “Underneath”

I know it takes time for new artists to gain an audience big enough for labels to take a chance on them but I really wish people would pay attention to Pia Mia, an undeniable pop star in the making. With two moderately successful singles under her bandanna (“Touch” was too underrated), the Guam knockout recently dropped two songs to keep her patient fans satisfied.

“Underneath” and “Justin Bieber” are addictive in their own ways, but the newest song “Justin Bieber” landed a spot on the trending topics page on Twitter the day it dropped on Soundcloud. Even though a majority of the tweeters were using the hashtag to question Pia on why she chose to name the song Justin Bieber, you can’t overlook the simple bop about not needing to rush into a relationship. “Oh I kinda don’t want you to leave / But I don’t want to put you under pressure / I ain’t gonna lie you touch it just right / Let’s stay here all night / Got you under pressure,” Pia confesses on the smooth jam. I think Pia named this track “Justin Bieber” as a response to Bieber’s “No Pressure” off his latest album Purpose but either way I can’t get over the catchy cut.

As long as Pia Mia keeps dropping consistent fire like “Touch”, “Underneath” or “Justin Bieber” and avoids songs that sound like formulaic pop flops (I expected so much more from Will.I.Am’s “Boys & Girls”), she’ll get her recognition soon enough!

What do you think of Pia Mia’s latest tracks? Let me know in the comments below!

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