If the name Le Youth sounds unfamiliar, I’m suggesting a quick listening session of the LA artist on Soundcloud ASAP. The DJ/Producer is perfecting his style of mixing feel-good 90s R&B music with addictive house beats. Le Youth’s “Real” which fuses Brandy’s classic “I Wanna Be Down” with a mid-tempo beat well suited for a packed dancefloor instantly had me hooked and Le Youth continues to get better with each new release. 

“Boomerang” is Le Youth’s latest single and it features the vocals from soulful newcomer Tay Beckham. The breezy production combined with Beckham letting us in on her troubles with a guy that isn’t realizing what he has sounds so refreshing yet nostalgic of the pop and R&B hybrids of the early 2000s and I’m completely here for the resurgence of that sound. Can’t wait to hear what both artists have planned next!