I Guess I’m Turning 22 in 4 Days

Alright guys…it’s happening. Another year since my birth has gone by and aging still doesn’t seem to be a myth so I’ll be 22 years old this Friday. Since I’m a very nostalgic person, usually the week before my birthday is spent questioning what I’ve done with my time on this earth, how I want to spend my next year of living and if I’m happy with getting closer to being an “adult”. 21 was a year full of lessons, like every year should be and I’m ready to see what this next year has to offer. 

Being able to legally drink led to a lot of new experiences and realizations. For example it can be fun spending a night bar hopping around downtown Grand Rapids but you may need to brace yourself when you check your bank account in the morning. One of the biggest lessons 21 has taught me is that moderation can be good and sometimes necessary to avoid living in a cardboard box. I don’t need to deprive myself from having fun with friends for the sake of saving money but I also need to know when to take a night off. 

The day after I turn 22 I’ll get to graduate and senior year has been a year of no regrets. Knowing that this may be the last year I can live carefree without pending loan charges, and a ton of monthly bills, this final year gave me motivation to not take any of my time in school for granted. I’ve also come to terms with my need to continuously push myself and pursue goals that for some seem insane. If you’ve talked to me recently than you probably know that moving to New York is definitely happening this summer and while its going to consist of working multiple jobs, living in a place 2x smaller than where I am now and many more challenges; I also get a chance to explore a new city, find more opportunities and accomplish a goal I’ve had since I was younger. 

I hope 22 is a year filled with amazing experiences, more friends and a few steps closer to my goals working in radio and music journalism. Thank you to anyone that has played any role in my life thus far because you are the reason why I’m living to be content and motivating myself to spend my time on this earth truly experiencing whatever life has to offer. In one of my last lib class I read this quote that said “Remember who you were when you first arrived and reclaim the gift of true self.” College made me reconnect with things that brought me joy when I was younger and now that I’ve found myself, I have no plans on giving that up. 

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