Late Night Thoughts With Marcel J: Going To The Movies 

Some of my greatest (or mediocre, its debatable) thoughts are formed at the peaceful hours of 2-4am and sleep deprived Marcel feels like they deserve a home on the Internet. So here’s another feature for this occasionally updated website! Tonight’s thought: 

Going to the Movies 

I think how frequently I use to go to the movies may be one of the things I miss most about my childhood. Whether it was going with friends or going with my mom (s/o to the real mvp who bought all of those tickets and snacks) I always loved the experience of going to see a movie. Being immersed in a story for two hours, with no distractions and warm buttery popcorn is probably what I would dream about if I slept enough to reach rem sleep. But the older I get, the less likely you’ll catch me at a movie theater (I think the last film I saw was Mad Max).

Maybe it’s the stigma of going alone. When the blockbusters premiere, sometimes I go with friends because of the sheer hype caused by social media and constant ads on YouTube but since we’re broke college kids, it can be a tough decision spending money on a movie that might be horrible. I’ve gotten past the weird feeling of seeing movies by myself when a movie comes out that I can’t wait 6 months to see at home but I need to push myself to see more.

I feel like this underrated activity is passing me by. There are so many recent releases that I’ve missed like Deadpool, The Revenant, hell even Zootopia, the options are endless! I think I’ll make it a goal to see at least one movie a month, I need an excuse to eat refillable tubs of popcorn without judgement.

Sidenote: It baffles me that people can watch movies without snacks! Don’t get me wrong movie theater food is expensive AF and back in the day bringing my own snacks was a must; but I see (and hear) less people chomping away whenever I go to the movies. Since the people I go to the movies with usually don’t stop for snacks, I’ve learned to bypass the snack counter and my wallet thanks me for it but nothing beats watching a movie with a tub of popcorn, buncha crunch and a pop that most likely shouldn’t be consumed alone. Great, now I want popcorn…

One more sidenote: I love going to midnight premieres and if you can’t understand the excitement of seeing a movie the first night it comes out than you should rethink your life choices. I get it, the lines are long, the crowds can be annoying but the energy coming from that theater during the first showing is worth it.

Alright, time to get these four hours of sleep in. Adios 

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