Late Night Thoughts With Marcel J: Texting

Some of my greatest (or mediocre, its debatable)  thoughts are formed at the peaceful hours of 2-4am and sleep deprived Marcel feels like they deserve a home on the Internet. So here’s another feature for this occasionally updated website! Tonight’s thought:


Remember those not so distant days of cellphones low texting capabilities? I miss that simple time. If you wanted to have a conversation through text you had to mash those hard flip phone buttons T-9 style or else you’d have to use your voice over the phone to make your message arrive a little quicker. If you’re  friends with me or somehow find yourself trying to text me at any moment in the day, you probably know that I hate texting, I’m horrible at it and I try my best to avoid it. While responsive, touchscreen phones that continue to get bigger screens with weak batteries have made texting extremely easy for the masses…its makes everyone too available.

Keeping up with lengthy back and forth conversations get draining. There are only so many emojis to express how I feel about the things you’re telling me throughout the day. And then the bigger point, do we really need to be this connected all the time? Now some may think I’m crazy for not being in love with exerting my thumbs until their numb but keeping up with texting is exhausting. How do people with friends do it?

Now let me clean this up a lil but so I don’t get ignored by the few people who actually text me. Do not take it personal if  I have my phone on do not disturb or I read and don’t reply to your message. You’re most likely a great person but my attention span is almost as low as my desire to constantly tap my life away…even though I do it all the time on Twitter. Does that make me a hypocrite? Sure, who isn’t but I hate feeling like the trash who doesn’t want to be virtually social all the time.

Don’t get me started on long conversations over the phone… Just talk to me in person people.

Do you like giving your thumbs a work out through text? Let me know in the comments! 

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