I Hate Repetition

When I look back at the days of my pre to mid teens all I can I think of is how repetitive life felt. I woke up at 5:30 (shoot me), went to class, came home and did the same thing the next day. During the summer I spent most of my time between my mom and dad’s places, hanging out with family and friends, being glued to bright screens showing people living more exciting lives than me and staying up late thinking about the future (that hasn’t changed). After awhile it became impossible to ignore my desire to do more with my life than the same shit I did the day before but I my actions didn’t match my ambition. I made too many excuses:

It cost money to do things and have an interesting life…

Kalamazoo is just a boring place to be in, I can’t change that…

In a couple years when I move for college it’ll be different…

The last excuse was right. When I decided to move an hour away for college to gain a comfortable distant from the known; my mindset on life changed. I didn’t have to stay in the same place for the rest of my life and accept the life I was currently living if I wasn’t happy with it. While these four years of college have had their moments of monotous moments (life can’t always be as thrilling as a Michael Bay blockbuster) I changed the things that I couldn’t accept. The friends I’ve gained, memories I’ve made and late night thoughts that stemmed from conversations and solitary thoughts have shown me that the only thing that holds us back from lifes’ we want to live are ourselves.

Some of the best nights have been when I had no money but amazing people around me to make up for it. The biggest leaps I’ve taken have been worth it even though they weren’t always what I expected. Now that I’m wrapping up one adventure, I feel the need to take even bigger strives toward living a life that I would be proud to look back on in 60 years. Even though my goals seem infeasible at times, I think of the thousands of other people thinking the exact same thing but lack the courage to go for it anyway.

I never want to look back at life thinking I wish I would’ve done this or maybe in a couple years I’ll do that. Life is too short to plan ahead for the good part. You should constantly work toward being satisfied with your existence on this planet. Life can be repetitive but your actions and mindset don’t have to be. Don’t limit what you feel you’re meant to do with your time on this earth, otherwise 80 year old you will look back at snapchat archives and DJ Khaled’s classic “Wow, you played yourself” will ring true… And who wants to follow THEY’s expectations when you already have the major key to get through life…

Taking a shot on whatever you want to do in this life because live keeps moving either way!

This post didn’t end the way I expected it to but it’s 2 am and THEY don’t want me ending blog posts with words of wisdom. Alright I’m done now, follow DJ Khaled on snapchat to learn the tools of living a successful life 🤔 #BlessUp 😂

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