Ariana Grande Performs Two New Songs On SNL

The only time you’ll catch me spending my lonely Saturday nights watching SNL is when I’m interested in the host or musical guest and this week I was excited to see both! Ariana Grande decided to host and perform two new songs on yesterday’s SNL and she killed it. If you weren’t a fan of the Dangerous Woman during her Nickelodeon days on Victorious or her recent role on Scream Queens, than you probably didn’t expect to see Grande show off her comedy chops but it’s always nice to see her take on acting. I was entertained throughout the episode (especially the last skit) but I was really focused on hearing AG’s musical performances.

“Dangerous Woman” was the first song of the night and Grande did not slack on that performance. Pronunciation? Excellent! Styling? Mature AF! It felt good seeing Grande effortlessly knock out a song that isn’t easy to perform. If you sound lazy on the slow verses or don’t have enough power to make the chorus standout, than the performance would suffer and thankfully the popstar came to impress. Sidenote: Is Ari trying to start a trend with wearing just one sleeve of a suit, don’t make this catch on folks it’s waste of material and very confusing! #OnOrOffAri

During the second performance, Ariana performed a new song off of Dangerous Woman titled “Be Alright”. It was unexpected when it started but made complete sense by the time it ended. The soothing house banger includes some gorgeous vocals, feel good production and the perfect soundtrack for a vogue session. Seeing Grande vogue and vibe throughout the performance is again unexpected but it’s cool to see another layer from the powerhouse. I need to hear the studio version of the track to tell if it’s single worthy but it definitely has me excited to see what else is on the third album.

What do you think of Ariana Grande on this week’s SNL? Let me know in the comments!

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