Entering The Crowded World of Podcasting

You read that title right folks! I like thousands of others with a WiFi connection and microphone decided to enter my voice into the podcasting game. Now you may have the obvious set of questions:

Why Marcel?

There are already so many people doing the exact same thing and you most likely will stop this new hobby in the matter of weeks when no one wants to hear you talk for thirty minutes, Why make the effort?

Well guys, buying a mic on Amazon and deciding to return to good ol Audacity  wasn’t  a random decision. I actually tried podcasting a couple summers back…

Having a radio show during the school year has been a great way to get my opinions on the most dumb parts of pop culture and the most interesting topics are society is dealing with  every week. Plus it’s good practice for a radio career that will hopefully start soon, as I finish up my last couple of months in college. The problem with Wavves Radio (my show on Grand Valley’s The Whale) is that I could never do the show over the summer so junior year  I thought podcasting would fill the void. Sadly work took over and I quickly lost interest in trying to make my iPhone microphone qualify as a solid medium to bring my voice to the internet.

Knowing that the days of college radio are sadly coming to an end and there’s a huge possibility that I won’t achieve that on-air gig as fast I want to; I’m ready to seriously look at the alternatives. Over the past couple of years I’ve become a big fan of many podcasts from hilarious, very honest personalities (The Read, Lip Service, Brilliant Idiots, Friend Zone) to youtubers (Not Too Deep, Psychobable, Okay, But What If) and the occasional NPR show to keep me informed. All of these podcasts didn’t gain fame overnight and the people hosting them didn’t think podcasting would be their claim to fame with live shows and Audible promotion deals. If I want to continuously better myself at talking about what’s going in the world and my own life to generate interesting content that others want to consume, I need to always push myself to be better and this podcast is another step I’m taking toward that goal.

On The Wavve will be the name of my weekly podcast dedicated to speaking about the trending issues going on in the world and my commentary on those issues. Whether it’s Kanye’s latest Twitter antics, conquering the new age of dating (apps, nudes and going down in the DMs) or serious human rights issues that always seem five steps behind where they should be. I not only want to become a better speaker for career purposes, I also want to create a platform where people can think and comment back on what they find dumb, interesting, funny or worthy of reaction. I don’t expect to wake up and see a ton of views tomorrow, a week or hell even a year but as long as I’m having fun talking to myself (I’ll keep the nearest psych ward number on hand), I can’t wait to see what I can do with On The Wavve.

The first episode is up now and I detail my last year in college and how moments like turning 21, studying abroad in London for six weeks and realizing that the adult part of my life is starting soon has affected my life. If you like the episode, great! If it sounds like hot garbage, good, tell me how I can fix it. It can feel overwhelming having any type of goal when you know there are so many people striving for the same accomplishments. But if you don’t even attempt to go for what you want to do in life, then you’ll wake up working at a job you hate, realizing that you wasted your life surviving instead of truly living (At least that’s what I’m observing with some of the adults around me).

But to wrap this long ass announcement for my podcast up, I’ll just say if you feel like you’re at a stand still in life and you aren’t happy work to change those circumstances. Trust me I know that advice is easier said than done but we’re all going to die in the end anyway so, why not enjoy the life you’re living? That ended a little sad so enjoy this GIF of Kylie’s smoldering flirt face (Mesmerizing)


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