Zendaya Embraces Something Old To Give You ‘Something New’ 

Everyone loves a good throwback and with artists always sampling the hits of the past, you can guarantee your favorite oldie will be back soon enough. Zendaya continues to age graciously and kill it on the small screen, runways and eloquently discusses her views on many social issues our society is currently dealing with so she’s basically the perfect contender in the next wave of mainstream popstars. I loved Zendaya’s rhythmic pop self-titled debut in 2013 and it’s good to see her back in the music game because she has the potential to be a huge as she gets older. The Kode cover girl decided to release her latest single “Something New” featuring everyone’s favorite collaborator Chris Brown a little early and I’m feeling her new direction.

Featuring a sample from TLC’s classic 90s hit “Creep” the song oozes nostalgia as Zendaya sings about want to try something new all night over a Babyface co-produced banger. The sing-a-long hook is what initially got me hooked to this song and made me look at “Something New” as more than another sampled bop and I hope Zendaya really pushes this single out to the public. With the right visual and promotion to the listeners that have been eating up R&B/Pop hybrids like this, I can see “Something New” being the perfect start of a new, slightly more mature era for the “Replay” singer. Timbaland has played a big role in the creation of Zendaya’s new music so I’m expecting nothing more than next level fire when the full-length record drops!

What do you think of Zendaya’s latest single “Something New”? Let me know in the comments!

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