Tinashe’s Giving You The ‘Ride Of Your Life’ on Latest Joyride Single

With each new single release from Tinashe I become more excited of the possibilities for her sophomore effort Joyride hopefully dropping sooner than later. After supplying a calm yet ample low key banger with “Party Favors”. Teaming up with Chris Brown on “Player” to create an rhythmic pop record perfect for the dancefloor. Plus a Juicy J assisted blend of alternative bliss over a immersive Mike Will Made It beat on “Energy”, Tinashe is ready to hop in the front seat and give us another test drive before letting us go on the full length journey.

After having a successful debut rollout in 2014 with the critical acclaim of Aquarius and the major first impression with her turn up anthem “2 On”Tinashe is radiating confidence with this new era and it’s completely warranted. There aren’t too many pop acts that have the ability to sing, write, produce, dance and put on an amazing show all while trying to embrace their authenticity and not rely on the always fleeting trends on the charts. If you didn’t believe Tinashe when she said she’d be around forever on “Bet”, she’s working to make sure you know she’s 100% serious and here to stay in this new era.

Alright enough backstory, I’m assuming you clicked this link to know if her latest single “Ride of Your Life” is any good. I can tell you that it matches it up perfectly with the chill vibe she’s put out in most of her recent singles and her confidence level is at 1,000 and I love it. Tinashe opens boldly with,  “Might change your life / I be doing shit that might change your life,” So bold T and she’s only getting started.

I’m obsessed with how she sounds on this record, borderline rapping as she rides the eerie mid-tempo Metro Boomin beat. It took a few listens to really absorb everything that Tinashe is proclaiming but those lines stick with me after each listen like before she hits the insanely catchy hook with, “Yeah, and I whip the whip ‘til it’s blue and black / And everybody asking “where the roof at?” Or other dude’s girls that got her name tatted on them… I want large amounts of this cockiness on Joyride because Tinashe can definitely back it up.

P.S: Imagine a visual treatment for this 👀👀

What do you think of Tinashe’s latest single “Ride of Your Life”? Let me know in the comments! 

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