Rihanna and Drake Strive For 3rd Hit Collaboration With ‘WORK’

The wait is over. New Rihanna music is here and Rih’s navy is more than ready to hear new music from her eighth studio album ANTI. Rumors have been circulating this week about the release of “Work” and the potential drop of an album that’s been in the works for three years  and I’ve been on high alert. It’s insane thinking that this Friday we could have the full length album and be able to stream it until our hearts give out but until then the internet will just have to stay on its toes and be prepared for Rihanna’s next move. 

When “Work” made it’s debut across numerous iheartradio stations there seemed to be an instant divide. Either you were a Rihanna stan praising the relaxed bop or you were part of the mainstream audience that expected a big record to eclipse whatever’s relevant on the radio.  At first listen it’s almost hard to decipher Rih’s prominent island vocals as she sings the repetitive hook in the chillest way possible, “Work, work, work / You see me / Do me dirt, dirt, dirt.” Seriously any possible fucks that could’ve been given in the recording booth during the session of this song seem absent as Rihanna vibes out to the Boi-1da produced reggage wine-ready banger. After your ears get acclimated to the new sound, Drake comes in and adds that signature melodic spark that always makes a collaboration between the two hit makers a success. 

I love that when I hear this song I don’t think of anyone but Rihanna. “Work” is the type of record that only Rih could do on a mainstream level. From the intoxicating production to the chemistry between Rihanna and Drake, this track has me wondering what else is in store for ANTI. Even though it’s going to take some more listens before I can truly say I love the track, I’m glad “Work” isn’t easily digestible for the masses. When an artist creates a body of work that is suppose to be tailored to their sound I want the music to feel authentic and I think ANTI will be 100% Bad Gal Riri. You may not like the music dropping in the upcoming weeks but I can guarantee that you’ll be paying attention.

What do you think of Rihanna’s latest single “Work”? Let me know in the comments 🎈 

Stream “Work” on Tidal: HERE

Buy “Work” on iTunes: HERE


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