SoundCloud Is Underrated: Why You Should Use It More

SoundCloud is extremely underrated when it comes to finding new music. Unless you’re a upcoming artist trying to reach a mass of new listeners, podcaster or mainstream artist sharing some new material with fans, it may be difficult unlocking the potential of the platform. I’m going to give you three tips for finding good music on SoundCloud.

Tip 1: Follow the right people.

It took awhile for me to enjoy being on SoundCloud and what finally got me using the site on a daily basis was following the right people. Whether it be your favorite artist or anyone that shares your taste in music, they can lead you to some great artists that may be under your radar. The list of people I follow isn’t massive yet but I tend to follow YouTubers with nice music taste and some dope artists (Mainstream and Upcoming) to lead me to good music.

Tip 2: Play related tracks.

When you click on the three vertical dots to the right of a song it gives you the option to play related tracks. Do it! A playlist will generate with songs that have a similar sound to the original song that you were playing. Not only does it help you find songs that match your current taste, it can also take you to artists on SoundCloud that you had no idea existed. There’s a life beyond the Billboard charts guys…

Tip 3: Search for new stuff.

Last tip, obvious but necessary to state. Search for new music! Whether it be through genres, looking at what people like on their profile or a name search of your favorite artist, find what SoundCloud has to offer.  I feel like most people don’t like SoundCloud because they haven’t tapped into the features that make it a great resource to find new music. Don’t be afraid to waste endless amounts of hours looking for your next favorite song, take a break from those Netflix binges and procrastinating from homework. Look at me, I do it all the time and I’m almost a college graduate!

Now that you have the knowledge to finding some gems on SoundCloud, go out and explore! Send me all the playlists (*inserts evil laugh then chokes*)


P.S. Speaking of playlists… Watch out for a SoundCloud Edition of this week’s OTW playlist featuring some dope tracks that most likely can only be found on the site. Enjoy!

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