OTW Playlist Dec 21 2015

Discover something new with the OTW (On The Wavve) playlists. Any music suggestions are always appreciated, I love falling in love with new music. 

Did I – Kehlani  

Kehlani is having a crazy successful year and her latest track seems to be her victory lap. Giving me “How That Taste” vibes from her Grammy nominated mixtape You Should Be Here, Kehlani is confident and in her element on the Pop & Oak produced banger. Don’t sleep on her, this year was just the beginning!

In2 – WSTRN 

Created during an late night / early morning jam session “In2” is the type of a track that breathes life into the predictable charts and reminds you of a simpler time. The breezy rhythmic cut is instantly catchy and plays like the summer hit its destined to be if it can make it to the warmer months.

“You’d be lying if you said I wasn’t something that you’re into…”

Winter Things – Ariana Grande  

Definitely a stand out from Ariana Grande’s latest EP Christmas & Chill, “Winter Things” is a mix between the cool sound of Colbie Caillat and Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe”. This one could be played in the snow just as easily as it could be played on the beach, get into it.

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