Get Ready For The Pending Success of K.E. on the Track’s ‘You’re A Thot’

Shout out to Chris Brown and Kylie Jenner for their part in making “You’re A Thot” the next song that’s bound to be a mainstream trend in the upcoming months. Back in 2014 K.E. On The Track, Cap 1, Tracy T & Mike Fresh dropped the hilariously catchy “You’re A Thot”, a song dedicated to women who spend most of their time perfecting their selfies, going out on the town in the latest Instagram dresses and drinking bottles of whatever is being promoted on a rap song. The song has a nice beat and one of those hooks that’s so simple that you wonder why you didn’t write it yourself and start a moderately successful rap career. I hope people don’t write long essays on how problematic this song could be because it’s not that deep.

The day I heard this song all I could hear is “Wow, you’re a thot,” in my head for hours so the catchy appeal will definitely work in their favor. I have no idea who any of the rappers on the track are but hopefully they ride the wave of those celebrity endorsements and release some more songs with addictive hooks. I’m enjoying this one way too much…

The remix with Lil Boosie and Young Lace is even better:

What do you think of “You’re A Thot”? Let me know in the comments!

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