Troye Sivan Drops Debut Album ‘Blue Neighbourhood’

At 20 years old Troye Sivan has accomplished a lot in the entertainment industry from becoming an internet personality, starring in movies and more importantly his growing music career. I didn’t think I could write a review of Sivan’s journey as heartfelt as his video so check it out above. However I can speak on my experience with his amazing debut album “Blue Neighbourhood”.

The porcelain faced crooner kicked the era off with an EP titled WILD  that chronicled a range of emotions from leaving his hometown to falling in and out of love. I love the optimistic, warm feel of “Wild”, the dark and sensual vibes from “Bite” and the moody “Ease” featuring Georgia Nott, half of the dreamy pop duo Broods.
WILD captivated me from the beginning and with each new music video and artistic visual on Instagram I got more excited about a full length album.

Blue Neighbourhood starts off with the tracks from the EP before dropping some more emotions with new music. “Cool” is a drum driven ode to feeling the need to look cool for that special someone. Sivan’s ability to craft stories and evoke emotions in his music helps these cool pop songs come to life. “Heaven” manages to take the heavy subject of religion and sexuality and make it into a chill coming terms with who you are, something that needs to be heard at any age especially when you’re struggling with embracing each piece of yourself. Betty Who sounds great on the track and reminds me of her excellent pop debut Take Me When You Go . “Youth” might be my favorite song off of Blue Neighbourhood as Troye let’s his guy know “my youth is yours,” on the addictive banger.

Blue Neighbourhood isn’t lacking in feels and they seem to travel deeper with each song. From the lighthearted feel and twinkling beat of “Lost Boy” to the relaxed dedication to his “Surburbia”, I came out of the Blue Neighbourhood feeling like I knew the little boy with big dreams a little better.

There are so many good aspects of this album. From the trendy lush pop production to lyrical gems that I’m trying not to spam my twitter with. Troye Sivan has given his fans a quality album and has made an impressive debut to the world. I can’t wait to follow Sivan’s journey to mainstream success.

“I say I wanna settle down / Build your hopes up like a tower / I’m giving you the run around / I’m just a lost boy Not ready to be found.” – “Lost Boy”

“Have you heard me on the radio / Did you turn it up / On your blown-out stereo / In suburbia.” – “Suburbia”

“My youth / My youth is yours / Trippin’ on skies / Sippin’ water falls.” – “Youth”

What do you think of Blue Neighbourhood? As always, share your thoughts in the comments!

Stream on Tidal and Spotify

Buy on iTunes: HERE

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