Focus on Ariana Grande and Her New Single

Ariana Grande wants you to focus on her. Not what she’s wearing or who she’s dating but her grind to maintain a successful career. That was the brief summary of the pop hitmaker’s YouTube video teasing the latest single a couple months back.
Grande quickly came back to the studio to work on her third project Moonlight after dropping her Grammy nominated sophomore effort Yours Truly last year with a slew of hit singles (“Love Me Harder (Featuring The Weeknd)”, “Break Free”, “Problem”).

Arianators have been salivating at the endless teasers and snippet of Ariana’s latest single “Focus” and is it finally out.

Will “Focus” be successful? Obviously.
Is it Ariana Grande’s best single to date? It’s pretty close.
Do I like the song? Well lets get into it guys…

When I first pressed play on the horn-heavy bop I was overwhelmed. Between the intricate production, constant runs and adlibs from those powerful pipes and figuring out the structure of the song, Ariana Grande gives you a lot to take in (or focus on *wink wink*) the first time around. Written by the young songstress, Savan Kotecha, Ilya and Peter Svensson “Focus” is packed with attitude, confidence and many reasons why Grande has no time to give you interviews on who she’s dating or why she can’t give up the pony. With a line like, “I know you’re hoping that I’ll react / I know you’re hoping I’m looking back / But if my real ain’t real enough /Then I don’t know what is,” it’s clear Ariana is not pressed with the critics.

The next time I heard “Focus” I was watching the music video and Ariana completely sold me on the song. Directed by Hannah Lux Davis , the visuals for “Focus” are full of sexy choreography, purple performance sets (that remind me of Christina Aguilera’s classic “Come On Over” video) and a sassy Ariana Grande with lavender locks giving me everything I want to see in a pop performance. The production for this song is full of trumpets, saxophones and infectious drums, think of “Problem” with a lot of added heat.

I would be very surprised if “Focus” isn’t at least on Billboard’s Top 10 charts before November is over but I think Ariana Grande has started the Moonlight era off with an exciting jolt. I love that Grande is pushing herself with the choreography and vocals and I can’t wait to see what she does with Moonlight. Expect the next album sometime in 2016 but until then get familiar with “Focus” before you hear it nonstop.

What do you think of Ariana Grande’s “Focus”? Let me know in the comments!

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