Kelly Rowland Returns With Club Ready Banger ‘Dumb’

Last night Kelly Rowland decided to drop a song on SoundCloud for all your turnt nights and twerking affairs. “Dumb” has Rowland stepping out of her R&B goddess form to have a little fun on a very current sounding 808 heavy beat. As soon as the beat goes wild and Kelly starts sing-talking her way through the sassy cut I couldn’t help but picture the potential of a dope visual full of sexy choreography and use of the many references of the song. From a Big Frieda moment in the middle to Rowland’s voice oozing confidence, “Dumb” is a nice buzz track to get the Rowland Stones excited for the new era. Keep making em go dumb Kelly!

What do you think of Kelly Rowland’s latest single “Dumb”? Let me know in the comments!

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