Charli XCX Test Drives New Era With ‘Vroom Vroom’

Charli XCX took over Julie Adenuga’s spot on Beats 1 Tuesday (Oct. 20) and gave listeners a test drive of what’s to come in her new era. “Vroom Vroom” caught my attention as soon as I heard it and the electro-trap-pop hybrid has me truly excited for Charli’s new album.

If you’ve been a fan of XCX since her early days experimenting with the adventurous side of pop, gaining inspiration from raves and Tumblr feeds then you know that her sound is versatile and you can’t expect Charli to color in the lines. “Vroom Vroom” is almost what I imagined hearing after falling in love with the industrial pop sound of True Romance. Full of attitude laced verses, an insane beat and a hook that is pop bliss “Vroom Vroom” could make the most critical Charli XCX listener nod their head to the wild beat.

“All my life / I’ve been waiting for a good time,” XCX announces over a twinkling hook. What I love about this song and the artist is general is that she’s not out to follow trends, she just wants to put her vision out to the world and let the listener decide where it goes. Sophie (Madonna’s “Bitch I’m Madonna”) is responsible for the commanding production and I’m here for the electronic pop havoc.

Check out @charli_xcx’s Tweet:

Check out @charli_xcx’s Tweet:

On Twitter, Charli XCX let her followers in on ideas for the video treatment. She’s vying for Paris Hilton to be turnt with her in the passenger seat and I can definitely see the connection to the vibe of “Vroom Vroom”. I could see a visual as big as “Fancy” if the UK rockstar wants to go all out. Let’s hope this third album isn’t too far out and an official version of this song is released ASAP.

What do you think of Charli XCX’s latest release “Vroom Vroom”? Let me know in the comments!

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