Beyonce and Nicki Perform ‘Feeling Myself’ Together For The First Time and It’s Epic

Last night was a night of epic proportions as Tidal took over Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for the Tidal X: 10 20 concert. There aren’t too many concert lineups with artists as huge as Lil Wayne, Jay Z and Rick Ross sharing the stage with promising fresh talent like Alessia Cara, Justine Skye and Vic Mensa to name few. I’m sure people were excited to see a lot of artists on the impressive lineup but since seeing Beyonce and Nicki Minaj’s names as headliners for the concert a couple weeks back, I’ve been dying to see if they would perform fan favorite “Feeling Myself”.

I mean there was prime opportunity during the Made In America festival or a surprise performance during any one of Nicki’s globe trotting Pinkprint tour dates but there’s always a calculation to Bey’s madness and she always comes through at the perfect time. If you haven’t seen the performance yet due to not being in New York, not joining Tidal yet (It’s still #tidalforall guys)  or all the links quickly being removed as soon as you click them… Have no fear.  I’ll let you know what you missed:

First off, Nicki is taking on more choreography than I’ve ever seen her do so far. I know her performances have continued to get better since the Pinkprint tour but I wasn’t prepared for the amount of gyrating done in this performance.

Beyonce knows how to make an entrance. From the dramatic appearance with her bevy of dancers, to the blonde ponytail that seemed to have a mind of its own as it visiciously attacked the stage as she performed with Nic and Jay Z at the end of the night. Or that she’s giving me a trill Barbie vibe that was just waiting to get out of her cramped box and go crazy. I could sadly go on for awhile so I’ll just say Bey looked great.

And the way they played off each other on stage…

Beyonce and Nicki know how to put on a show on their own but when they join forces, the result is epic.

Overall this performance was solid or “on fleek”  as the kids say (Stop me…)  and another good look for Tidal. I’m hoping for more collaborations from the two rulers of their respected genres.

What did you think of Nicki and Beyonce’s performance? Let me know in the comments!

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