Light A Fire to My Inspiration

It’s hard to believe September 1st was the last time I posted a review and August was probably the last time I wrote one. There hasn’t been a lack of material to cover and while I don’t have any more free time than usual, I can’t remember wanting to open a new document and flood the pages with thoughts on whatever I’m listening to at the moment. Even though a majority of my interests and my pending career revolves around the music industry, it can feel pointless sharing numerous playlists and pieces to the vast void also known as the Internet.

A place where countless opinions are waiting to be clicked as soon as you open your program of choice (Hopefully not Explorer, it’s 2015 guys). So far my writing has led me to a few interesting opportunities and I still get excited when someone falls in love with a song because of my recommendation. But a couple months back I lost the motivation to contribute to the noise. Now that I’m a month into my senior year of college my creativity fuse has sparked and I realize why I decided to drop the mouse.
I was bored…

It became so comfortable creating a list of songs I was feeling at the moment and then writing a piece gushing about my love for whatever was playing. As a writer… Hell as a human being it should be your goal to constantly push yourself past your comfort zone to grow and become better at whatever your doing. I’m not saying it’s wrong to focus on artists I have the most knowledge on and I definitely won’t stop writing about artists that inspire me to do what I love to do but I need to change it up. 

Explore new genres and revisit eras of music that continue to influence the charts today. You probably won’t find tons of new posts on my site or other music sources tomorrow but expect some new stuff soon. I wanted to start this site and go into radio because I love that feeling of falling in love with a record and I’ll never get over being a part of that process for someone else. Now it’s time to start listening to some new music and get inspired, be back soon.

-Marcel J

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