Top Listens of the Week – Aug 30th 2015

It’s a new week and a new top listens of the week. I skipped a weekend with the potential loss of my laptop (I wasn’t born to have nice things) but I’m ready to give you five songs that need some love!

Tied Up

Casey Veggies is a name I’ve been familiar with for awhile. With seven mixtapes, an independent album and a debut album heading our way soon his latest single is definitely making my ears pay attention. “Tied Up” makes me think of any dope love song made in the early 2000s that I wasn’t suppose to listen to but did anyway even though I didn’t understand half of the things in it. The knocking slow jam features an intoxicating hook (“I’ll be a lady in the streets / In a dress with her hair tied up / Or I can be a freak in the sheets / In the room with her hands tied up / It’s whatever you want, whatever you like, “) from Dej Loaf and I’m obessed. Enjoy this one with the lights off.


What can I say about Halsey that wouldn’t take up all of the space in this post? To keep things brief, Halsey is an artist that is so self aware of her talent and what she’s bringing to the industry and I can’t wait to see the world take notice. Badlands is such a satisfying debut album and I’d recommend giving the album a spin if you’re into pop music with depth. “Colors” is a standout for me. The lyrics, production and the feelings that resonate with me whenever I hear it can’t be matched. I’m loving my time in the Badlands Halsey.

Tell Your Friends

It took some time to embrace change from The Weeknd’s dark music. I know the public has grown to love the Canadian crooner with the help of smash singles like “Love Me Harder” and “Earned Up” but I couldn’t get past the drug laced, sex heavy songs found in his trilogy of mixtapes. But change is good and artists deserve the space to experiment and evolve like everyone else and I’ve been enjoying his latest effort Beauty Behind The Madness. The Kanye West produced track has Abel letting the world know exactly who he is with no plans on changing anytime soon. I’m definitely a fan.

What Do You Mean?

I think the mainstream is finally ready to embrace Justin Bieber as an artist. While he hasn’t had the most flattering past in the media, he’s managed to release two solid albums that didn’t get much recognition outside of his loyal fan base. I’ve honestly been a fan of Bieber since hearing his third album Believe in 2012 and he’s getting better with time. The Skrillex and Diplo assisted banger “Where Are You Now?” helped bring Bieber’s voice back to the forefront and “What Do You Mean?” is going to solidify his return to the music world. “What Do You Mean?” is the chill counterpart to “Where Are You Now?” and I can already see it becoming as successful as his last single. Give it a listen before you get tired of it.

Sunday Candy

Rounding out the list is one of my favorite cuts from Surf, a fusion of soul, rap, and jazz created by Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment. “Sunday Candy” is the best kind of feel good song. With a hook that will never leave your head to some verses from the always dope Chance the Rapper, I always give this track a listen when I need a boost of happiness.

I hope you find some good music to listen to and I’ll be back next week with your ‘Top 5 Listens’ for the week! Enjoy and let me know what I should be listening to in the comments. #SharingIsCaring

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