Dumblonde: The Dream Is Never Done

The days of Danity Kane ruling the charts or preparing for a comeback are long gone but each member has found a way to repair the damage and keep moving. Occasional country crooner Shannon Bex and frequent trouble maker Aubrey O’Day have decided to join forces to become the pop duo Dumblonde. I was one of the loyal fans excited for the DK comeback (even when it suddenly went from 4 to 3) and after the break up I lost faith in ever seeing the group actually work together again. When I heard about the news of Dumblonde I was skeptical but didn’t want to form an opinion until I heard the finished product. After hearing five songs I’ve come to the verdict that Dumblonde definitely has potential to work and hopefully become bigger than previous group effort.

Ahead of their debut album the girls decided to treat their fans with a five song preview when pre-ordering their full length record set to drop on September 25th. Five diverse cuts can be found on iTunes each experimenting with the best elements of pop and dance music. “Remember Me” incorporates a bouncy island production with the girls vibing through each verse. “Dreamsicle” is a personal favorite with Aubrey and Shannon dreaming over an explosive dance beat. “Eyes On Horizon” starts with pounding drums before opening up to rhythmic heavy visuals. This track definitely has the most interesting production so far. “Tender Green Life” is a more laid back cut as the girls effortlessly coo over breezy production. Each song has a distinct vibe to it and I’m excited to see what other visuals were filmed for each song. “White Lightning” is the last song from the preview and it’s another solid cut that has me ready to hear more.

I’m glad I gave Dumblonde a chance but I’m not ready to see another project go under so let’s pray that Aubrey and Shannon are in it to win it this time. From what I heard so far Dumblonde is the duo’s most interesting collection of music so far and I expect the rest of the songs to get even better. Get introduced to the new and improved duo before their album drops next month!


What do you think of the new duo Dumblonde? Let me know in the comments!

Pre-order Dumblonde’s full-length album on iTunes: HERE

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