No Sleep Till London (5 Days to Go)

So the countdown is getting serious. Five more days until I hop on a plane to another country. It’s weird to even write that sentence and I’m pretty sure I haven’t completely processed the fact that this time next week I’ll be two days into my trip in London. For six weeks I’ll get the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the English, see some amazing sights and accomplish a goal that was set way back during my childhood days. I remember sitting with my step niece with a stack of travel books talking about where we planned to go when we got older and it feels so good knowing that I can achieve something like this. For some people vacations and traveling around the world happens every summer break and getting another mark in their passport is second nature but all of this means so much more to me.
The piece of luggage across the room partially filled and the travel books next to me are reminders that this trip is real and anything is possible. I have so many dreams, goals and hopes for my future and I can’t wait to achieve them all. Until then I’m going to try to keep myself busy for this last week and pray that I’ll be able to get some sleep Saturday night. Anything is possible, kids. Don’t limit yourself!

Sidenote: I already plan to see some of the obvious sights, enjoy the night life and check out the Cereal Killer Café (It looks dope!) but if there is anything I should definitely check out feel free to let me know in the comments.

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