Beyonce Trolls On Good Morning America!

Members of Beyonce’s infamous Bey Hive were told to wake up bright and early for a huge announcement from their Queen B over the weekend. The ***Flawless advocate and pro at feeling herself doesn’t usually do media promos these days so obviously people were expecting something BIG.

Is Bey and Jay announcing a pending sibling for Blue?

Maybe another surprise album drop but this time giving fans some time to prepare and save up their coins?

World tour?!

Viable options but none of the above. Beyonce decided to send a clip to Good Morning America announcing how effective her 22 day vegan diet was and how everyone should #beygood and get healthy.

Now guys I can’t bash an artist that’s trying to promote a healthy lifestyle to their fans but… WAS THIS REALLY TV WORTHY NEWS BEY?

This kind of news seemed better suited for a nice update on her perfectly edited Tumblr or even a Instagram post with her looking ***Flawless , expressing her thoughts in a long ass caption.

Some fans were not as excited as Bey about her health kick announcement…



But like most buzz worthy stories, this will all be a forgotten memory in a couple weeks. Until then sit back and watch the hilarious reactions and memes ensue.


What do you think of Beyonce’s big announcement? Let me know in those comments!

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