Britney and Iggy Represent Pretty Girls Worldwide on Latest Single!

We’re just so pretty! “We” being the girls that Britney Spears and I-G-G-Y reference on their latest single “Pretty Girls” who do what they like and get what they want. The living legend and Australian hitmaker have been teasing fans for the past few months with photos of a “Earth Girls Are Easy” inspired music video as they cruise around L.A. in their 80s throwback attire to numerous interviews discussing what we can expect from the “Pretty Girls” roll out.

Produced by The Invisible Men (the makers behind summer song of 2014 “Fancy”),  “Pretty Girls” has Brit ditching the layers of autotune and sounding natural and actually excited to be singing on a song. I can definitely hear a confident artist that’s in her element as she does some signature ad libs toward the end of the song.  Azalea and Spears make a nice duo as they playfully exchange lyrics on a chorus that is screaming “let me stick in your brain all day”.

If the lyrics of your song can be quoted solely by emojis that can be found on an iPhone keyboard then you know you have a single just waiting to be consumed by the youth obsessed with all current things involving social media. The bridge alone is ready to be plastered on tons of pretty girls Instagrams in the upcoming months, “The girls roll up / Windows roll down (Eyes on us) / Jaws on the ground (Watch them go) / It’s just so funny (Like bees to the honey!).”

When the announcement of a collaboration hit the internet, I had a few initial reactions. One, I was excited to see Azalea vying for another smash single. While I can appreciate Iggy spitting dolo over a snappy beat, it seems like she really shines when she’s working with someone else. Iggy isn’t new to harsh criticism whether it be how she raps, talks or orders pizza but with all of the critiquing her music has stayed pretty solid since the huge success of “Fancy”.  Azalea’s verse on “Pretty Girls” is short, sweet and gives me hope that she isn’t letting the criticism get to her and is in the studio crafting an even better sophomore effort.

“Pretty Girls” has already invaded the radio and it definitely has the elements for a song of the summer. From Spears and Azalea going back and forth on the catchy chorus to that bouncy beat that you can’t help but be reminded of some other recent Invisible Men hits (“Fancy” “Beg For It”). I can appreciate “Pretty Girls” for what it is and I hope this spark that Britney has stays long enough to release a quality album sometime this year.

What do you think of “Pretty Girls”? Let me know in the comments below!

Buy “Pretty Girls” on iTunes: HERE

One thought on “Britney and Iggy Represent Pretty Girls Worldwide on Latest Single!

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