A Week Until I’m 21…

Alright guys last year I wrote a blog reflecting on being 19 and what I expected to happen in my 20s. Well I have a lot of thoughts on  being 20 and I thought I’d reflect back on the year and what’s to come when I turn 21.

If I could describe being 20 in a few words they would be broke, mistakes, success, hunger and insomnia. The amount of dumb things I’ve done this year makes me wonder how I’m in my third year of college. From constantly locking my keys in my car, draining and over-drafting my bank account, learning to survive on tons of frozen chicken in various meals, this year definitely tested my will power and made me realize how far I’ll go to do things that I feel will lead to a promising future (fingers crossed).

The year hasn’t been all bad. I started an internship with a radio station in Grand Rapids (105.3) in December and it’s been a great experience. You don’t know how badly you want something until you wake up at 4 a.m. twice a week and have to actually function. I also gained two jobs, one is writing for a dope music website called FDRMX and the other working at my school’s bookstore. Doing all of these things, plus classes, a radio show (Wavves Radio), an e-board position and three student organizations was a challenge and made me realize what’s important to me. I felt like I’ve always been told to get involved as much as possible beyond going to class and do things that will  lead to getting a job after college so I did as much as possible (with very few meltdowns).

Now I’m at the end of the school year with a few less commitments and I can finally think about what I’m doing with my life and why I’m choosing to do it. Having a resume full of organizations and jobs seems to be the goal of every seemingly successful college student but what does that all mean? Did you get anything meaningful out of those six clubs you dedicated your free time to? After I started thinking about what was actually important to me, it motivated me to work hard toward what I want and put some things on the back burner (I need to sleep sometimes right?).

With a week until the big 2-1 (Shits getting serious), I’m excited for the obvious perk of being able to drink legally but I’m also feeling the pressure as I think about my pending senior year. When I head back to campus in August, it’ll hopefully be my last fall semester so I’m really going to need to stay focused on my work while taking as much time as I can to enjoy my last year as a college student. There are so many things I’m excited to do in the upcoming months.

Waking up 10 a.m. or later (Seriously, what is sleep like again?), having more time to write, catching up with old friends, and there’s a little trip I’m taking to LONDON for study abroad…I’m making this year as epic as possible. I don’t want to start rambling but as I continue to age, I want to learn from my mistakes, work hard for the big plans I’m going to accomplish and stop worrying about people who won’t always be a part of my life.

Do More. Worry Less. Strive For Success (Currently taking offers to be a motivational speaker because look at that advice that just happened to rhyme).

Well guys that’s all I got. Time to get back to procr- I mean working hard on finals and preparing for a slight hibernation. Good Vibes everyone.

-Marcel J

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