WAVVES Radio Recap – Pitbull Is Great?

Hello readers of this amazing music website that I happen to be the owner of! As my junior year of college  comes to a tortuously slow end, I tend to get very nostalgic and reflective on what I’ve experienced this year and what I plan to do next year. I started doing a radio show called Wavves Radio on Grand Valley State University’s station The Whale during freshman year with my friend Jordan (also known as Peggy P). Throughout these years we’ve discussed pop culture, music and our lives as college students (which lead to a few deep conversations and a ton of random ones). I discovered what I want to do as a career through show so Wavves Radio is more than a cool hobby to me.

Wavves Radio has given me a platform to express my thoughts with the world and I’m happy I’ve gotten to do this show with someone who has become one of my best friends. After a couple of years of saving shows and critiquing the f*** out of them, I’m becoming more confident of our show and I want to get it out to as many ears as I can. A couple months ago I started posting recent shows to mixcloud and as I continue to do that I want to share them with itsmarcelj.com because…why not (Sharing is Caring!).

Today’s recap: we did the 90s Tag, Perks of Having Connections, Life Talk, Celeb News and a lot more. I would appreciate if you guys gave it a listen and give me your opinions. Whether you love or hate it, that feedback will help us continue to create a great show!

Thanks guys, talk you you later.

Marcel J.


Pitbull is Great… by Hey Its Marcel J! on Mixcloud

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