Rihanna Is All About The American Dream On Latest Single From ‘R8’

Rihanna has had a pretty exciting weekend full of treats for her loyal navy. On Saturday the singer performed  a couple of her hits to a huge crowd (80,000 people) at the March Madness Music Festival. Before turning up to some well known hits (“We Found Love”, “Diamonds”), Rih decided to kick things off with something a little more patriotic…


“American Oxygen” is Rihanna’s latest offering and like her previous singles from the R8 era, it’s completely different from what can usually be heard from the controversial pop star. Straying away from the club ready production that can be found on “Bitch Betta Have My Money”, “American Oxygen” is a somber yet victorious sounding record. I like the concept of the song, with so many people trying to find happiness and success in this country. America is known to be the land of opportunity and this track is the perfect soundtrack for people grinding to build their empires.

Rihanna is churning out some catchy hooks with these latest singles and the one for “American Dream” may be my favorite one so far, “Breathe out, breathe in / American oxygen / Every breath I breathe / Chasin’ this American Dream.” The stadium feel of the  ‘Alex Da Kid’ production makes “American Dream” sound epic and I’m sure it’ll be a fan favorite to sing-a-long to when RiRi starts touring. Rih’s voice is very soulful on this cut and is showing off how much she’s improved over the years.

Other than releasing some new music and a solid stadium performance, Rihanna also decided it was time to join the world of Snapchat. While already mastering the art of Instagram, Rih’s first snaps were a good indication that she’ll master Snapchat in no time (well her assistant will).

What do you think of Rihanna’s “American Dream”? Does it have you excited for R8


If you wanna follow Rih on snapchat, add “Rihanna”!

Buy “American Dream” on iTunes: HERE

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