Kari Faux Effortlessly Flows On Laid Back Track Gahdamn From EP Laugh Now Die Later

Alright guys you know I love checking out new artists and the one I’m writing about today has me very excited. Let’s go back to 2014 when Childish Gambino released his seventh mixtape STN MTNThe trap heavy tape that featured remixes from Mid-2000s (Lil Wayne’sGo DJ“, Ludacris’sSouthern Hospitality”) favorites to modern rap hits (K Camp’sMoney Baby“, Future’sMove That Dope“). I didn’t give STN MTN as many spins as expected but one of my instant favorite tracks on the mixtape was “No Small Talk” featuring Kari Faux, an upcoming rapper that seamlessly mixes a throwback hip-hop vibe, new school flow with a Tumblr image that is extremely popular with the youth who have a lot of time on their hands (Still not a big fan of Tumblr yet…).

Over a laid-back Black Party / Kari Faux production, Gambino and Faux exchange boastful lines and easily make “No Small Talk” one of the best tracks on the mixtape. Even though I loved the song, I didn’t do much research on Faux when the remix was released. Cut to today where I just saw a video for her track “Gahdamn”.

Gambino makes an appearance with Faux in the beginning of the track as they rap part of “No Small Talk” in an abandoned parking lot. Faux shows off her assets in pants that remind me of something JJ Evans would wear on Good Times (DYN-O-MITE!).  I’m completely into the simple concept of this video and then it transitions to “Gahdamn“.

Faux’s swag is effortless as she flows on a low tempo beat in the backseat of a car riding through the city. “Gahdamn’s” video has such a cool vibe, from the subtitles used during conversations to the director’s Calmatic’s scene choices.  “Gahdamn” is a track off of Faux’s EP Laugh Now, Die Later and you’ll definitely like the EP if you’re a fan of the track.

Laugh Now, Die Later is a 10 track introduction to Kari Faux and it showcases her rap skills over hazy, moody production that she had a hand in creating with Black Party. Ken Griffey, No Small Talk, Tundra and Gahdamn are instant standouts for me and I’m going to keep a watch over where Faux goes with her music.

“Fuck a trend / I’m clean when I ain’t trying to be / You see me nigga? / I’m who your bitch is trying to be / I’m riding with a foreign nigga named Fresco / And we fresh ho / With no dress code.”

Are you feeling Kari Faux’s “Gahdamn”? Let me know in the comments below!


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