This Might Be The Most Random Video You See Today…

When I first heard “I Really Like You” from “Call Me Maybe” songstress Carly Rae Jepsen, I could easily see it becoming a summer time hit. Even though Jepsen has a few succesful singles under her belt, she’s still mostly known for her big and slightly (or extremely) annoying single “Call Me Maybe”. Hearing her debut album “Kiss”, I know that Jepsen isn’t just good for formulaic pop hits, but that’s sadly what it takes to make the charts most of the time.

A video for Jepsen’s latest effort “I Really Like You” was released on Friday and it might be the most random video you see today. Tom Hanks is the star of the video, lip syncing the sugary pop track around the city before heading to a dance party with Carly and Justin Bieber (It’s a little creepy when Hanks sings the bridge and stares into your soul…). The video makes no sense and it’s probably not suppose to, just a way to get views. It’s only a matter time before the video has a million views and “I Really Like You” makes it way to the airwaves. Hopefully Jepsen’s sophomore effort gets a little more love.

What do you think of Jepsen’s “I Really Like You” music video? Thoughts in the comments!

Buy “I Really Like You” on iTunes: HERE

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