Songs That Should Be On Your Playlist – March 7th!

Recently it seems like artists are releasing new tracks daily and it may be hard to keep up. No worries, I got you covered! Check out a couple new tracks I’ve been obsessed with lately  and the full playlist down below *inserts thumbs up emojis*

Everlasting Love – Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony’s debut album Reflection has been on repeat more than I care to admit but it’s a strong offering from the group. Now my favorite song tends to change with each listen but currently it would have to be “Everlasting Love“. From the mid-2000s R&B sound, to each girls solid vocals, I’m in love with the track and I wouldn’t mind it being a single. (“Like Mariah” is a good single choice as well.)

All Hands On Deck Remix (Featuring I-G-G-Y) – Tinashe

If previous posts didn’t indicate my love for Tinashe, then I’ll state again that I love the Aquarius songstress. “All Hands On Deck” is one of my favorite cuts from her debut album so I’m happy to see it getting the single treatment. I honestly didn’t think a feature was necessary for the single but no lie, I’m really liking Iggy Azalea’s verse. Her flow is solid and Azalea sounds dope on the track. Get on deck!

All Your Fault (Featuring Kanye West) – Big Sean

I haven’t got the chance to review Big Sean’s latest album Dark Sky Paradise yet but it’s Sean’s best album so far. The Detroit native goes in on every song and the production is on another level compared to previous albums. Mentor Kanye West contribution to “All Your Fault” makes sense because it sounds like a signature Yeezy track. Definitely a solid cut from the album, get into it!

What songs should I be adding to my playlist? Tell me in the comments!


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