A Summer In London

Travelling has been something I wanted to do at very early age. I remember my niece Darla and I would look at tons of travel books because she was obsessed with places like Japan and Europe and I would try to picture myself living in a place completely foreign to what I was used to. When I decided to attend college, study abroad was on the top of my to-do list but it almost didn’t happen because I thought it would affect my ability to graduate on time. To make a long story short, last year a professor came to talk about study abroad at my PRSSA meeting. It was a combination of Dr. Leek’s recap of the previous year’s trip and some of the students thoughts of their trip that re-sparked my interest.

I ended up going to a study abroad fair the next day and after that my plans were cemented; I was going to take this trip no matter what. Toward the end of the semester I applied for a communications program in London and waited months for the verdict. There are few things in my life that I can remember anxiously waiting for but that email telling me if I got in or not was one of the only things that remained in my brain during winter break. Finally February 8th, 2015 I received it… I honestly didn’t know what to expect. What if I didn’t get in? During break that question stayed with me and I never got my hopes up too high just in case this opportunity didn’t pan out. After a couple seconds of freaking out I click open the email.

The excitement when I read this email was unreal! After years of thinking about doing this and months of waiting for an answer after I decided to go for it, I finally got my answer. I’m going to London this summer! During the 6 week program, Dr. Leek the awesome professor from the meeting will guide 13 other students and I around London and teach us about the rich culture of the city. I can’t wait to see, learn and experience the countries around Europe and I don’t think this will feel completely real until I’m on that long ass flight in June. I’m already thinking about going to the Wireless Festival in July and the excursion trips I want to take but I still have some time to sort that all out.

I know that initially I started this blog to talk about my favorite topic, music but as I continue to do exciting things, I want to talk about them and hear other peoples’ experiences and thoughts about what you can relate to. I definitely plan to keep a log of my trip through this blog, youtube or something else on this vast online world. If you’ve studied abroad before especially if it was somewhere in Europe, I’d love to hear your stories, read your blog posts, watch your videos! Just let me know what to put in my url. I have so many questions, where should I go for excursion trips? Best clubs and pubs? Resturants? What did you take from an experience like this, I’m sure all my questions will be answered in due time but seriously any study abroad feedback would great. I had my first study abroad information session last night and I definitely want to talk about that but this post is long af so I’ll dedicate another post on it.

Look out for my posts involving this trip! I’m going to go try to mentally prepare myself for these next couple of months before I leave…


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