A Summer In London: First Meeting

So last night I attended my first program meeting. Throughout this semester I have three meetings that will give me more info on the trip to London and if they’re as exciting as the first meeting than I don’t know how I’m going to be able to handle life. Before the meeting I had one of the longest days ever. It started at 5 a.m. when I had to leave for my internship at a radio station. I’m still not use to my brain working that early and pulling an all-nighter to study for a midterm I had that day didn’t help. So here I go, two cups of coffee in my system, no breakfast and feeling like a zombie.

I actually get through the 3 hours and 20 minutes pretty well, next it’s time to start my shift as a van driver for my school’s bookstore. On Thursdays I work from 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. and I have a 6-9 class so I have very little time to question why I would ever make my schedule this hectic. I handled not sleeping like a champ until about 2 p.m. While enjoying my lunch break with no lunch since I forgot it in the fridge and I’m low on dinero, I couldn’t help but get a couple minutes of sleep in a swivel chair before it was back to the work grind.

A couple hours passed and I’m done with work and have to prepare for the midterm I barely studied for. I did surprisingly well but the lack of sleep was really affecting my desire to do anything but crash in my comfy bed for a couple days. After that long ass class, I’m finished with my work load and ready to go to the meeting. I felt like a kid in kindergarten scared of his first day of school. Would the other students like me? Did I bring enough snacks? What if I’m not tired during nap time? The questions were endless but they went away when I made it to the classroom with the other students that are going on the trip with me.

Being the only guy in a room full of girls (Grand Valley’s girl/boy ration is 3-1 #funfact) is most likely a ton of guys’ dreams but I was trying to process the multiple conversations happening at once. There is another guy going on the trip but he hadn’t made it yet so it was just me combating jokes about me being the only guy there. Everyone seemed very nice and I talked to some cool people before Dr. Leek showed up to start the meeting. Dr. Leek’s excitement for this trip is probably at the level of all the students’ excitement combined so it’s always fun hearing her talk. I love seeing professors excited to teach and it inspires me to do things that I love but that’s another blog post.

The meeting was full of ice breakers, facts about London and information on what would be doing during the trip. It’s cool that we don’t meet in a classroom, instead different locations around London will be where we meet. I learned about a place called Primark which sounds AMAZING and the outcome of using certain appliances in the U.S. in Europe (Apparently shit blows up). I didn’t think my excitement for the trip could get even higher until the students from last year’s trip came to our meeting for a Q/A.

Leek conveniently left the classroom for a few minutes and we got to see the reaction of a group of students that completely loved their trip. Hearing about their excursion trips to Paris, Berlin and Ireland or going to the Wireless Festival (Definitely want to go to that this year) internally made my head explode from the possibilities for this trip. Hearing about what we would be doing from a professor was great but hearing it from students is such a different perspective, I’m so glad we had that Q/A. So after hearing the pub stories and some recommendations for nightlife and shopping (I need to check out Selfridges!) I left the meeting excited for the next meeting and whatever come’s next with this adventure.

The students that are going on the trip with me seem great and I know my professor is cool so I have high hopes for this trip. London don’t let me down! So as I count down the days to the next meeting, I’d love to get some recommendations on what I should check out during my trip. Thanks in advance and expect to hear from me soon *insert thumbs up emoji*.

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