The Daily Struggle of Life Sometimes…

There are a few moments where I decide to dedicate posts to topics that aren’t music related but tonight I feel like spewing out some life thoughts. For the people who like reading my music posts, thank you! I love writing about music and I’m sorry I haven’t posted as heavily as I have in the past. I’ve been writing some things for a music site called FDRMX and life has generally been a daily tornado and I’m just trying to survive the storm.

Before my sophomore year of college, I didn’t understand how people managed always having shit to do daily while keeping their positivity scale on a 100. Starting my junior year I was a full-time student (15 credits), part of four organizations and was in my third year of my radio show with Grand Valley’s radio station The Whale. I guess I thought I didn’t have enough time to nap and avoid homework because I decided to pick up an internship with a radio station and start a new job. I remember being in high school and having no extra-curriculars wondering how the AP students found time to be on a sports team or join a club while still maintaining a 4.0 GPA (Fucking robots, I swear).

I think the key to me being able to do all this stuff with very few mental breakdowns is PLANNING. I’m constantly creating lists and setting reminders on my phone so I don’t miss anything important because it’s so easy to forget the smallest thing that could potentially negatively affect my well-being (I’m looking at you, gas bill).

Planning has become so essential when I know that my day consists of work from 8-11am, classes from 12-5 and then meetings later on night. Don’t take this post as completely venting about my daily struggle because I know that at any time I could drop everything but the crazy thing is I want to do all of this and sometimes even more. When I graduate and starting working toward my career in entertainment, I know that I could potentially be working on an even higher scale that I am now so college feels like training for that day.

I say all of this to say that if you feel like you’ve lost control of your life because of responsibilities; take a breath, drop everything and fucking chill. I don’t know if it’s the constant pending deadlines or pressure to succeed but college can make you feel like you’re a failure at life that needs to pack their bags and spend the rest of your life at your parents’ house. Learn how to cope with being in that crazy storm. Plan things out, don’t procrastinate and more importantly don’t take everything so seriously. I’ve learned that in the course of 20 years I’ve made tons of mistakes from small ones like spilling food on myself to failing a course and contemplating dropping out of school. All of those mistakes are lessons that have made me a better person (Hopefully…) and I can’t wait to make some more mistakes and laugh about how awkward my life is.

Touching back to music, I will continue to write on this blog about artists I’m loving, dope albums and moments in my life that I feel need to have a monument on the internet. I love what I do and I can’t wait to improve on writing, public speaking, graphic design programs and other things related to my future career. In a couple months I turn 21 and during the summer I’ll be studying abroad in London so look out for some posts about adventures I’m having and mistakes I’m making. I’m starting to ramble so bye for now internet, we’ll talk again soon!

Marcel J.

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