Upcoming Indie Artist Noah Hunt is your soundtrack to cope with the cold weather


Alright guys, new day means new music discovery. Being on the lookout for new stuff all the time is never too challenging and I love hearing a new talent. If you’re a fan of pop music than you may know Linda Perry, or at least some of the songs she’s written (Gwen Stefani’s “What You Waiting For?”, Christina Aguilera’s “Hurt” and Weezer’s “Brave New World” to name a few…). In 2012, she created a show on VH1 called “Make Or Break: The Linda Perry” where she was on the search for talented upcoming musicians. One of the artists that didn’t make the cut but is gaining recognition on his own terms is Noah Hunt.

The Washington State native, is an award winning singer-songwriter, actor and producer. If you haven’t heard his two EPS (“From Me: To You”, “Oubliette”) yet than you may have seen him on the small screen show with appearances on shows like 90210, The Homes, or Parenthood (the web series). With an upcoming movie to premier on Syfy and the recent release of his second EP “Oubliette” it’s only a matter of time before we’ll be seeing this indie musician on artist to watch lists.

One of the songs that first introduced me to Hunt is this record called “Aftershock” off his EP “Oubliette”. The mellow acoustic piece showcases Hunt’s pen game and vocals. With this time of the year being the perfect time to get cozy with whoever you’re alone with, “Oubliette” will definitely be the soundtrack to get me through this cold weather.

Check out the “Oubliette” soundtrack below and get familiar with Mr. Hunt!

What do you think of “Aftershock” off of Noah Hunt’s sophomore effort “Oubliette” let me know in the comments below!


Buy “Oubliette” EP on iTunes: HERE


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