“Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart” is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry

K. Michelle has a lot to celebrate lately. Last night the finale of her reality show “My Life” aired, a partnership with her long time favorite drank Jack Daniels is in the works and of course the release of her second album “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart” out today. AWBAH is far from a sophomore slump and this record may lead to some real recognition from the overlooked artist.



When Michelle began releasing singles for the album, I knew it was going to top her debut effort. Songs like “Love Em’ All” and “Maybe I Should Call” are refreshing records that don’t rely on typical R&B elements to create a hit. The pop infused “Love Em’ All” that playfully goes at Michelle’s tendency to have a couple guys waiting in line for her is a smash and I hate that I’m not hearing it on the radio more. While “Maybe I Should Call” is the type of record that isn’t breaking any new ground, Michelle’s lyrics and emotional vocals makes this an amazing track that many people can relate to.

For all the hate K. Michelle gets for past bad behavior, plastic surgery and her overall “IDGAF” attitude, her ability to be very relatable through her music is making some people overlook he crazy character that some aren’t a fan of. The album opener “Judge Me” is a perfect way to address the people who don’t like her actions (“Judge me, judge me all you want /I’m only human and I’m perfectly flawed /I know its easy to point your finger at me / cause I say the things that only yall think so judge me if you need / I bet eve was just like me”).

K. Michelle really puts everything out in her music. “Build A Man Intro” has Michelle back tracking through her failed relationships and leads to a jazzy mid tempo track about building her perfect man. I love Michelle’s word play on the track and the little bits of humor she adds makes this HER track, I couldn’t hear anyone else singing it.

“Why didn’t mother tell me they would take the best of me, leave the rest of me in pieces. Why didn’t daddy tell me that their only selling dreams, what they do is what they mean.”

When people saw the track listing, “Drake Would Love Me” seemed to be the track that everyone was buzzing about. No lie, the track was weird to hear at first because I didn’t know the context but Michelle’s reasoning on writing the track (“Bitches love Drake”), makes me look at the track in a new light.

There are so many different influences in each track. From scatting, to pop, throwback samples and even a country track to end the album, K. Michelle’s versatility isn’t something a lot artists can or try to pull off. Michelle not only writes her music but she can play instruments, create arrangements and wants people to see all of the authentic elements she adds to her music.

The last track “God I Get It” is a feel good, redemptive track that has Michelle singing that she realizes that she tends to fuck up but she’s learning and growing from her mistakes. “AWBAH” is such a refreshing album. If some artists put half the effort that Michelle put in this record, there would be no need to say that there is no “good” music anymore. K Michelle is an example of a real artist that wants to put out quality music and hopefully this album will be the transition she needs for the execs in the industry to take her seriously.

See you at the Grammy’s next year K!

Must hear tracks: Cry, Going Under, Maybe I Should Call, How Do I Know?, Hard To Do… Damn every track is a must hear track tbh.

Score: 9.8/10

What do you think of “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?” ? Let me know in the comments!

Buy “AWBAH” on iTunes: HERE

Check out K. Michelle’s hilarious interview with the Breakfast Club: HERE


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