Beyonce turns up on “7/11” and creates a breezy ode to finding happiness on “Ring Off”

Two new songs from Beyonce’s Self Titled Platinum Edition album were leaked over the past few days. “Ring Off” and “7/11” are two very diverse tracks; one a semi-ratchet club banger and the other a mid-tempo feel good track about finding your freedom.

With numerous rumors flooding around about Beyonce’s daddy Matthew Knowles infidelity and general messiness, “Ring Off” sounds very real to Bey’s family drama. This laid back track has Beyonce telling her mom that its okay to take that ring off and find happiness. Knowing the back story makes this song a great sentiment to Tina and I love that Beyonce addressed this long going rumor like this.

“7/11” produced by Detail and Bobby Johnson is a drastic change from the faster songs on the album. Void of any real lyrical substance other than some solid dance moves Bey wants you to bust in the clubs, “7/11” is a fun song that shouldn’t be taken seriously. Beyonce released a music video for the track on Friday and it really made me like the song.

Seeing Beyonce be silly and just let loose is refreshing and shows another side of her that completes the “Self-Titled” story. If listening to “7/11” didn’t do much for you, the music video might win you over.

I mean if seeing Beyonce on top of a human pyramid 

Or Yonce showing the importance of not “spilling that alcohol”

Than there must not be a funny bone in your body.

Pre-order “Beyonce Platinum Edition”: HERE

What do you think of Beyonce’s two new tracks? Let me know in the comments!

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