2015 will be the year of Tink

While females seem to be running the music industry with artists like Taylor Swift and Beyonce selling over a million copies of their albums during their first weeks of being. Or even seeing new artists like Lorde curating a soundtrack for one of the biggest movies released this year, it’s crazy knowing there are only two successful female rappers on the mainstream level right now.

I gave some recognition to some females I’m digging a couple of months ago. Plus Oxygen released a show titled “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” to showcase five artists journey to success. A few good steps to gain awareness for artists that may not be getting the attention they deserve but I have a feeling a new rapper that is stepping up to the spotlight has what it takes to make it big.

New comer Tink is only 19 years old and already has the internet buzzing with a few new tracks. The Chicago native has been rapping since she was 15 and since then released three mixtapes that have done well in the independent realm. My first impression of Tink came from her track “Treat Me Like Somebody” a popular cut from her mixtape “Winter’s Diary 2”. Tink is singing on the record and sounds good giving me early 2000s vibes. What people might not know from initially hearing her is Tink is a rapper AND singer, something that a lot of artists attempt but few actually do well.

Tink’s buzz went to extreme levels when Timbaland came to Power 105’s Breakfast Club to talk about his 19-year-old protegé. Hearing Timbo talk so passionately about Tink and hearing some of his claims about the artist really has people hype about what Tink’s presence could mean for the industry.

“She was music and she saved my life,” he said. “You can’t believe somebody 19 got it. We don’t see that no more. The last person we saw [like her] was Drake.”

Listening to Tink’s old and new material, it’s apparent that she’s a true rapper. Her lyrical game is sick especially for someone so young and having an amazing singing voice doesn’t hurt. Tink’s latest tracks “Around The Clock” and “Moving Bass” where she trades verses with Jay Z and Rick Ross while literally singing with them on the chorus, I’m completely here for the #ThinkTink movement.

I might be a little early with my claim but I’m hoping 2015 is the year of Tink.

Does Tink have what it takes to be the next big thing? Let me know in the comments!


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