Get Into Pia Mia’s new Nic Nac produced track “FWU”

The leader of the Wolfpack Kingdom, MSFTS associate and wearer of red bandanas and grills has been making waves over the past couple of years. Pia Mia began her music career like most artists of this era: youtube. With the help of some popular covers, the Guatemalan goddess gained 164,456 YouTube subscribers and 15,935,469 total video views as of August 2014.

This lead to working with producer Nic Nac (“Loyal” Chris Brown, “Beat It” Sean Kingston) on a solid cover of Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home” which gave her even more buzz when a keek was posted of her singing the song accapella to Drake and Kanye West during a Kardashian dinner (Fun Fact: Pia Mia is besties with Kylie Jenner).

After a dope EP (Mr. President, Complicated, Shot Gun Love will make you want to join the WolfPack), music videos and a track on the blockbuster “Divergent” soundtrack, Pia Mia is ready to give us a taste of what’s she been working on in the studio. “FWU” which stands for “Fuck With You” is a mid-tempo, bass heavy, track that is right on par with what can be heard on the radio. The bouncy production from Nic Nac is giving me cali vibes and sounds exactly what I expect Pia Mia to be releasing.

I’m definitely fucking with the track and I wouldn’t mind blasting it in my good ol’ ford ford taurus.

What do you think of Pia Mia’s new track “FWU” ? Does she have a smash hit on her hands?

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