Experience Jaden Smith’s “Cool Tape Vol 2.” on new app “Jaden Experience”

iPhone Screenshot 3

Jaden Smith’s rap skills are getting better with each release and if my last post didn’t convince you his second album “Cool Tape Vol. 2” will make you a believer. Last night Smith released his body of work through his new app called “The Jaden Experience” on the app store. Sadly I jumped off the apple bandwagon over the summer so I’ll be waiting for an amazing soul to put this thing online. If you are team iPhone click the link below and check out with Jaden has to offer. If you’re in the same boat as me (#GalaxyAllDay) check out two tracks from CTV2 and expect to hear the rest sometime today!

iPhone Screenshot 5

Explore the “Jaden Experience”: HERE

What do you think of “Cool Tape Vol. 2”? Let me know in the comments!

iPhone Screenshot 4

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