Kehlani releases visuals for feel good track “FWU”

Music videos have been stepping their game up lately. Whether it be artists making mini movies out of their music or some full out choreography, it’s getting exciting to watch them again. I say all this to introduce an artist I heard awhile ago after seeing her on Instagram and Soundcloud. Kehlani a talented singer, song-writer and dancer from the Bay just released a visual for her song “FWU” and I’m really feeling it. The feel-good “FWU” has Kehlani riding for her guy no matter what. The bouncy production fits Kehlani’s voice perfectly and “FWU” is the type of song that doesn’t get old to me. The video adds to the replay value with Kehlani busting out some smooth choreography with her girls while her guy and his friends try to make it a dance competition.

If this is the first track you’ve heard from Kehlani, definitely check out her mixtape “Cloud 19”. You won’t be disappointed!

What do you think of “FWU”? Let me know in the comments!

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